Built by Families, for Families

Our three founders in New Hampshire - Chris, Nick, Chris

Our three founders in New Hampshire - Chris, Nick, Chris

Tough Trucks: For the Hardworking, By the Hardworking

Welcome to Tough Trucks, where play meets purpose and imagination meets industriousness. We're not just a brand; we're a tribute to the hardworking spirit of America. Our toys are crafted for kids aged 3-8, but let's be real: they're for the young at heart too.

Our Philosophy: Constructive Play for Future Builders

Our toys are more than just fun. They're tools for learning, designed to develop hand-eye coordination and mechanical skills. Each action has a reaction, teaching kids the fundamentals of cause and effect. It's play with a purpose.

For the Toughest of the Tough

We align ourselves with the backbone of America - the carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, soldiers, officers, and every hardworking individual who builds, protects, and shapes our nation. We build toys as tough as the folks who inspire them.

Authenticity in Every Gear

In a world filled with fluff, we stand for authenticity. Our toys are built to last, not to end up in a landfill. We focus on functionality, durability, and the joy of just plain doing. After all, we're selling to parents who understand.