Dodge SRT Hellcat Police Car

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Serve, Protect, and Play: The Tough Trucks Police Car

This police car is equipped with features like warning lights, sirens, and a robust four-wheel shock absorption system, mirroring the vehicles of real-life heroes. The battery and motor provide plenty of power for fun, but they're also carefully chosen to keep the ride safe and controlled.

The three-speed adjustable slow start function adds to the safety, while the power display, Bluetooth, and LED headlights make it a tech-savvy toy. The double door design and EVA wheel add to its authenticity. With a two-point seat belt, safety is never compromised.

This police car is not just a plaything; it's a tribute to America's protectors, teaching kids about responsibility, community service, and the thrill of a high-speed chase.

Customer Reviews

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Emma Clark
Comfortable Seat for Rides

The police car's durability is commendable. It has endured rough play, occasional spills, and even mild weather conditions, proving to be a reliable companion for my child's adventures.

Harper Nelson
Compact Design for Storage

I'm genuinely impressed with the durability of this police car. My kid has put it through its paces, and it's holding up exceptionally well. It's become a staple in our daily playtime adventures

Colton Hanson
Conversation Starter in Photos

Comfort is not compromised in the compact design of this police car. The spacious seating area ensures my child enjoys a relaxed and enjoyable ride every time.

Nolan Bates
Impressive Battery Life

Kudos to the makers of the police car for using child-friendly materials. The construction feels robust, ensuring that it can withstand the occasional bumps and rough play that come with active kids

Olivia Pike
Compact and Storage-Friendly

We purchased the police car as a birthday gift, and it was a showstopper. The other parents were asking where we got it, and now it seems to be the talk of the town among our friends


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